We are moving countries! It’s Au Revoir¬†√† Monty and a big fat slice of peameal hello to old man Tonty, for we are bringing the GTAliens a whole 7 chances to start their own country this very July 2 to 12 as part of the Toronto Fringe (Nations).

If it goes really well, we can join the PanAmerican Games. Bring us your sporting champions, Toronto and together we shall go for bronze!


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Let’s Start 5 More Countries!

Zoofest, the cool part of Just For Laughs, has given us Theatre La Chapelle for 5 nights in July to come and stir up some trouble, so please join us for some nation-bulding legislative fun.


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Let’s Start Another 4 Countries!

Mainline Theatre and That’s Enough Drama are moist to announce that we’re going to be doing it all again for another 4 nights, March 6 thru 9, at the Mainline Theatre, 3997 St Laurent and Duluth, Montreal. 7pm, bring money and your passport and any humans above the age of 14.

New-ish cast! New-ish script! Exactly the same premise as last time!

Facebook page

ticket-buying site


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With only 40 quadrillion websites currently spinning round the web, we are truly humbled you’ve decided to spend some time on this one. Either someone must have sent you, or Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ feature is malfunctioning badly. Either way, welcome. Everything you need to know about the Montreal Fringe Festival 2012 experimental comedy show ‘Let’s Start A Country!’ is on the poster above and the press release, rendering this website a touch pointless. But when did that ever stop someone from building one?

Buy a ticket right this instant and save yourself up to 15 frustrating minutes trying to find out what the show is all about.

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